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   Issue Vol:66, No:10 October, 2016
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An urgent need for National Action Plan for Infection Control and Antibiotic Stewardship in Pakistan

Ejaz A. Khan.

Antibiotic resistance has risen alarmingly and has emerged as a major health threat in not only the west but also in resource poor countries of Asia.1,2 It has been documented in all health care settings, particularly in high-risk areas such as intensive care units, surgica

Acute stroke care and long term rehabilitation in Pakistan: Challenges and solutions

Farooq Azam Rathore, Mohammad Wasay.

Stroke is the leading cause of death worldwide and a major contributor to long-term adult hood disability. Acute stroke care and long-term rehabilitation has improved substantially in the developed countries in the last three decades.1 Although Pakistani healthcare system h

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Perceptions of house officers working in hospitals of Lahore about joining the field of anaesthesiology as a career

Sohail Anjum, Usman Mahboob.

Objective: To determine the perceptions of house officers working in hospitals about joining anaesthesiology as a career.

Methods: This quantitative, descriptive questionnaire-based study was carried out from September 2014 to February 2015 in 26 teaching hospitals of Lahore

Perception of educational environment: Does it impact academic performance of medical students?

Shahid Sarwar, Shandana Tarique.

Objective: To compare environmental perception as measured by the Dundee Ready Educational Environment Measure of students with high and low academic performance.

Methods: This cross-sectional analytical study was carried out at the Gujranwala Medical College, Gujranwala, Pa

Serum vitamin D levels and gene polymorphisms (Fok1 and Apa1) in children with type I diabetes and healthy controls

Maimoona Nasreen, Khalid Pervaiz Lone, Saba Khaliq, Shagufta Khaliq.

Objective: To compare the pattern of Vitamin D receptor (VDR) polymorphisms (Apa I and Fok I) in Type I Diabetes mellitus (T1DM) as cases vs healthy population as control and to investigate the association of VDR polymorphism with vitamin D levels in cas

Neck circumference: A supplemental tool for the diagnosis of metabolic syndrome

Mozaffer Rahim Hingorjo, Sitwat Zehra, Erum Imran, Masood Anwar Qureshi.

Objective: To explore the usefulness of neck circumference as a supplemental tool for diagnosing metabolic syndrome while identifying its cut-off values.
Methods: This case-control study was conducted at Dr. Essa\'s Laboratory and Diagnostic Centre, Karachi, from December 2

The effect of ethanol vapour exposure on atrial and ventricular walls of chick embryos

Kiran Kamran, Muhammad Yunus Khan, Liaqat Ali Minhas.

Objective: To study the effects of ethanol vapour exposure on atrial and ventricular walls of heart in chick embryo.
Methods: The study design was experimental, conducted at Islamabad Centre of College of Physicians and Surgeons, Pakistan. One hundred and eighty chicken eggs

Prevalence of Enterococcus faecalis mediated UTI and its current antimicrobial susceptibility pattern in Lahore, Pakistan

Abid Hussain, Muhammad Sohail, Zaigham Abbas.

Objective: To determine the prevalence of Enterococcus faecalis and recent trends in antimicrobial sensitivity profiling.
Methods: The study was conducted at Chughtais Lahore Lab, Lahore, Pakistan, from December 2013 to May 2014, and comprised urine specimens from suspected p

Trends of acute poisoning: 22 years experience from a tertiary care hospital in Karachi, Pakistan

Nadeem Ullah Khan, Uzma Rahim Khan, Asher Feroze, Sajjad Ali Khan, Najia Ali, Kiran Ejaz, Afshan Rahim Khan, Shahnila Nooruddin, Jabeen Fayyaz.

Objective: To determine the trends of acute poisoning in terms of frequency, nature of poisoning agent, clinical presentation and its outcome.
Methods: The retrospective study was conducted at the Aga Khan University Hospital, Karachi, and comprised data of patients who prese

Nutritional status and physical abuse among the children involved in domestic labour in Karachi Pakistan: a cross-sectional survey

Saima Zainab, Masood Kadir.

Objectives: To determine the prevalence of physical abuse among domestic child labours and to assess the nutritional status by calculating the Body Mass Index of children involved in domestic labour in Karachi.
Methods: A cross sectional study was conducted in the squatter se

Association of dietary patterns with anthropometric, lifestyle and socio-economic factors among women of selected communities from Karachi, Pakistan

Zehra Parveen, Arif Ali, Tahira Mohsin Ali, Abid Hasnain.

Objective: To identify major dietary patterns and examine their association with anthropometric, lifestyle and socio-economic factors among women belonging to different communities living in Karachi.
Methods: This cross-sectional study was conducted in Karachi from June 2014

Can dipstick method help in bacterial detection in platelet bags? A tertiary care hospitals blood bank review

Hammad Tufail Chaudhary, Shahida Hasnain.

Objective: To find the bacterial and biochemical details of bags used in platelet transfusion.
Methods: This cross-sectional study was carried out at a tertiary care hospital of Saudi Arabia (King Khalid Hospital, Najran) from January to June 2012, and comprised platelet bags

The impact of hypertension on lipid parameters in type 2 diabetes

Abdul Rehman Arshad, Hamid Nawaz Tipu, Athar Iqbal Paracha.

Objective: To study the effect of hypertension on lipid levels in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus.
Methods: This prospective, observational study was conducted at 1 Mountain Medical Battalion, Bagh, Azad Kashmir, from May 2012 to April 2015, and comprised adult type 2

Breast cancer treatment in high-risk elderly patients: A challenging situation and difficult decisions

Razia Bano, Amina Iqbal Khan, Waleed Zafar, Akif Abbas Zaidi, Adil Asif Zaidi, Mohammad Zulrqurnain Chaudhry, Huma Majeed Khan.

Objective: To assess whether high-risk elderly patients with aggressive tumour biology can be offered standard treatment despite having multiple comorbid conditions.
Methods: This retrospective study was conducted at Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital and Research Centre

Age-related cataract and its types in patients with and without type 2 diabetes mellitus: A Hospital-based comparative study

Abdul Fattah Memon, Pir Salim Mahar, Muhammad Saleh Memon, Seema N. Mumtaz, Sikander Ali Shaikh, Muhammad Faisal Fahim.

Objective: To determine the frequency and types of age-related cataract in type 2 diabetic patients compared to non-diabetics.
Methods: This comparative, cross-sectional study was carried out at Al-Ibrahim Eye Hospital, Karachi, from July 2014 to June 2015, and comprised both

Distribution and pattern of implant therapy in a part of the Turkish population

Muge Cina Aksoy, Gulperi Kocer, Hakki Cenker Kucukesmen, Erdal Eroglu, Mehmet Fatih Senturk.

Objective: To report the distribution and pattern of implant replacement of missing tooth/teeth.
Methods: This retrospective study was conducted at the Suleyman Demirel University, Isparta, Turkey, and used data of patients who had undergone implant replacement of missing tee

Frequency of post-stroke dysphagia in Pakistan: a hospital based study

Fazaila Ehsaan, Muhammad Sikander Ghayas Khan, Sumera Nawaz Malik, Sana Kanwal.

Objective: Purpose of the study is to determine the frequency of dysphagia after stroke and to see the factors associated with it.

Methods: Cross Sectional study design was used by including individuals

Pioglitazone improves serum lipid profile in diet induced hyperlipidaemic non diabetic rats

Mazhar Hussian, Abdul Qudoos Arain, Sadia Chiragh.

Objective: To evaluate the anti-dyslipidaemic effects of pioglitazone in diet-induced non-diabetic hyperlipidaemic rats and to compare them with gemfibrozil.

Methods: This comparative animal study was co

Antimicrobial susceptibility of bacterial and fungal infections among infected diabetic patients

Ayman Khalid Johargy.

Objective: To determine the antimicrobial susceptibility of the most common bacterial and fungal infections among infected diabetic patients.

Methods: This study was conducted at the Umm Al-Qura Universi

Immunohistochemical detection of FLI-1 protein expression in Ewing Sarcoma/ peripheral primitive neuroectodermal tumour: A study of 50 cases

Safina Ahmed, Shoaib Naiyar Hashmi, Hafeez-ud-Din.

Objective: To determine friend leukaemia integration 1 transcription factor protein expression in cases of Ewing sarcoma.

Methods: This retrospective, descriptive study was conducted at the Armed Forces Institute of Pathology,

Serum YKL-40 and MDA levels in Behcet disease

Handan Bilen, Konca Altinkaynak, Engin Sebin, Hulya Aksoy, Fatih Akcay.

Objective: To measure plasma levels of chitinase-3-like 1 protein and its association with malondialdehyde in Behcet\'s disease patients.

Methods: The case-control study was conducted at Faculty of Med

Temperature on admission among cases of neonatal sepsis and its association with mortality

Mirza Sultan Ahmad, Naila Ali, Nazia Mehboob, Ramlah Mehmood, Mubashra Ahmad, Abdul Wahid.

Objective: To ascertain the prevalence of hyperthermia and different categories of hypothermia among the cases of probable and culture-proven neonatal sepsis, and to evaluate association of mortality rate with axillary temperature at admission.

Research productivity of Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries in science and social sciences

Sultan Ayoub Meo, Abdul Latif Mahesar, Saeed Ahmed Sheikh, Kamran Sattar, Ishfaq A Bukhari.

Objective: To investigate the research progress of Gulf Cooperation Council countries in science and social sciences.

Methods: This study was conducted in the Department of Physiology, College of Medicine, King Saud University, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, from June 2014 to Februar

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Proton pump inhibitors use; beware of side-effects

Iftikhar Ahmad Asim Syed, Syed Hasan Abbas Naqvi.

Proton pump inhibitors are most widely prescribed medicines all over the world. Since their introduction in pharmacy, life of millions of people has changed completely. Their ability to inhibit acid secretion in stomach has changed the natural history of many once-dreaded conditions like peptic u

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Domestic violence in consanguineous marriages - findings from Pakistan Demographic and Health Survey 2012-13

Masood Ali Shaikh.

Domestic violence is a pandemic and estimated to affect one in three women globally, in their lifetime. Marriages within blood relations in Pakistan are common. In this study a secondary analysis of Pakistan Demographic and Health Survey 2012-13 was done to study the prevalence and profile of dom

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Bilateral optic neuropathy, acral gangrene and visceral ischaemia as a rare presentation of calciphylaxis: A case report

Hatice Ferhan Komurcu, Emel Basar, Orhan Kucuksahin, Ebru Uz, Huban Sibel Orhun Yavuz, Omer Anlar.

We report a case with calciphylaxis very rarely presenting with bilateral optic neuropathy, acral gangrene and visceral ischaemia. Bilateral papilloedaema was found in a 43 year-old female with chronic renal failure. Acral dry gangrene was observed. Pathologica

Catamenial pneumothorax: A case report

Hina Inam, Sumera Inam, Munaim Tahir.

Catamenial pneumothorax (CP) is a rare and complex clinical condition caused by endometrial tissues, commonly found in reproductive women (age 15-49 years).Its diagnosis is often delayed or overlooked by clinicians, which may result in recurrent hospitalization

Management of Cyclops Syndrome: A case report

Lorenzo Maria Di Giacomo, Muhammad Shahid Khan, Luigi Piscitelli, Michele Bisaccia, Auro Caraffa.

Anterior Cruciate ligament (ACL) is a typical athletic injury. One of the most frequent complication after ACL reconstruction is reduced range of motion (ROM) due to the impingement on the inter-condylar notch of a fibrous tissue mass, defined as Cyclops Syndro

Alveoler process fracture in mandibular immature permanent incisors region

Tamer Tuzuner, Gorkem Yahyaoglu, Emre Tosun, Fatih Taskesen, Adem Kusgoz.

The presented case evaluates the treatment of an alveolar fracture associated with mandibular immature lower permanent incisors. An 8-year-old girl was referred to our clinic 3 hours after the trauma. The clinical and radiographic examination of the alveoler bone showed a fracture, along with the

Extra pancreatic solid pseudopapillary tumour in a young male

Naima Tariq, Asim Qureshi, Asifa Dian.

Solid pseudo-papillary tumour of pancreas is a rare neoplasm having a low malignant potential. It mostly affects young adolescent females. We report an unusual case of an 18 year old male with a mass in the mesocolon which was reported as solid pseudo-papillary tumour of pancreas. This case is un

Henoch-Schonlein purpura without typical lesions, presenting with gastrointestinal manifestations and kidney involvement following influenza - A case report

Chan Won Park, In Seok Lim, Sin Weon Yun, SooAhn Chae, Na Mi Lee, Dae Yong Yi.

We report a case of Henoch-Schonlein purpura (HSP) presenting without typical skin lesion; atypical symptoms initially appeared following influenza infection. A 4-year-old girl with influenza presented with epigastric pain and vomiting. On physical examination, there was epigastric tenderness, bu

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Prevalence of Blood Lead Levels (BLLs) in children visiting tertiary care hospitals of Peshawar from February to April 2015: A pilot study

Suleman Khan Afridi, Farhat Rehana Malik, Muhammad Hammad Khan, Syed Hasnain Ahmad.

Objective: To determine blood lead level in young children visiting tertiary care hospitals.
Methods: This cross-sectional study was conducted from February to April 2015 at Khyber Teaching Hospital, Kuwait Teaching Hospital and Siffat Ghayoor Memorial Children\'s Hospital,

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Adolescent girls empowerment can save their future

Hina Ahmed, Inayat Thaver, Roomi Aziz, Abbass Munir.

Madam, Pakistan is going through a phase of \'demographic transition \'with a big portion of population comprising of children.1 Adolescent health is one of the areas of major health concern in Pakistan2 which constitute 32.6% of Pakistan\'s pop

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Choice of first injectable therapy in type 2 diabetes

Sanjay Kalra, Yashdeep Gupta.

A variety of injectable therapies are now available for use in patients of type 2 diabetes mellitus, when metformin alone proves inadequate. These injectable therapies include basal insulins, glucagon-like peptide 1 receptor agonists (GLP1RA), co-formulations of basal insulin with GLP1RA, and pre

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Diabetes and travel

Fatema Jawad, Sanjay Kalra.

This article encapsulates pragmatic advice that is necessary to ensure safe travel for people with diabetes. Written in simple words, it empowers the primary care physician to answer questions that are frequently asked by patients planning travel. It includes discussion on insulin dose adjustment


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