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Dr. Anwar Naqvi - Department of Urology, Sindh Institute of Urology & Transplantation, Karachi.

March, 2010

My exposure to JPMA was in the seventies when my father Dr. S. H. Naqvi was the Managing Secretary for five years. I used to do leg work in processing the articles for some time under Dr. Sarwar Zuberi (Editor).
I was involved with PMA Karachi its provincial and central councils and I used to follow the progress of JPMA. I was touched by the challenges faced by the only indexed journal of the country with a long and illustrious history.
In 1983 I was entrusted the role of Managing Secretary of JPMA. A challenge. I accepted with enthusiasm, being the youngest person for this honour.
I was extremely lucky to be in the company of stalwarts in the journal i.e. Dr. Sarwar Zuberi and Dr. Fatema Jawad. They taught me dedication and hard work and never to cut corners. The journal was financially poor and did not have the requisite reserves. The Times Press was finding it difficult to keep their commitment while the pharmaceutical industry was dragging its feet in their pledges to keep the journal afloat. The industry was keen to help mushrooming newspapers, provincial and institutional journals at the cost of JPMA which had gained attention in the arena of medical research worldwide. This required a full fledged campaign to get pledges for long term commitment which the team addressed. I accompanied the chairpersons namely Dr. ZK Kazi, Prof. SM Raza and Prof. Haroon Ahmed to visit the industry at the head offices mostly located in the industrial zones i.e. SITE or Korangi West Wharf. Each time this strategy was successful in getting the journal a lease of life for a couple of years.
I was not very regular in attending the weekly meeting at JPMA office. When my absence was prolonged I used to occasionally get reprimanded by Dr. Sarwar Zuberi and Dr Fatema Jawad who treated me as a younger brother. However, our work was further improved and made enjoyable, with the presence of Dr Huma Qureshi and Dr. Naqi Zafar, especially the Biryani we all had together, occasionally to lighten our moods.
By the time I handed in the reins the journal was in good stead. The financial picture was fairly good and the circulation had grown appreciably particularly to libraries and institutions internationally. The cover of the journal had the sketch of PMA House initiated by myself and some friends at PMA Karachi. The reason was the fact that a group of doctors made plans to make a PMA plaza which would have meant raising this beautiful building to dust. As a listed building our group of youngsters put the focus on the building so that it appeared on each issue of JPMA.



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