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Dr. Huma Qureshi - Associate Editor-in-Chief, JPMA. Executive Director, Pakistan Medical & Research Centre.

March, 2010

Dr Sarwar Zuberi had been the editor of JPMA. This was the only indexed medical journal for Pakistan for a long time. Reflections in the past show that she and Dr Fatema Jawad used to come to PMA house and compile the journal every Saturday. That was a manual era and all entries of new articles and their correspondence were done manually. There was one typist typing the letters to authors and reviewers, one mistake and the letter had to be typed all over again.
In 1981 while working as a junior researcher with Dr Sarwar Zuberi, she asked me to join her on Saturday for working in JPMA and it has been now almost 30 years that I am doing the same work.
As the technology advanced, computers became the need of the day. Computers were donated to us as we had no funds to buy them. The typist was replaced with a computer literate person and slowly and gradually compiling the journal started to become easy. Finances were always an issue and Journal was somehow never generating enough to cover the over heads. Support from the pharmaceutical world in terms of advertisements was supportive to maintain standards. Although all scientific staff was working complimentary but staff was paid and standard of journal was never compromised.
To address the issue of funds, submission charges were introduced for the articles. As the standard of journal improved the number of submissions increased manifold and thus the work also increased. Requests were made to the editor for taking out special editions of the journal especially abstract book of the journal. This additional monitory support was welcome. Website launching was again a big task which required expertise and money. Finally a website was launched and the journal started to appear online.
Unfortunately Dr Sawar passed away in 2004 and I got posted to Islamabad. It was a tough time for Dr Fatema but her determination and commitment pursued her to carry on the task. I do online work with the editor and all decisions are made with consensus. Over the years new blood has been injected in the journal\'s editorial board that is showing similar commitment as this trio had done for almost 3 decades.



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