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Dr. M. Nasir Afzal - Department of Physiology, Shifa College of Medicine, Islamabad.

March, 2010

My introduction with Journal of Pakistan Medical Association (JPMA) started in 1999 when I published my first paper in any Pakistani medical journal. One thing I liked for sure about JPMA at that time was its scientifically sound review process and on-time publication of the article. No wonder, JPMA has helped raising the standards of medical writing in Pakistan and is one of the three medical journals indexed on Medline.
My more interactive relationship with JPMA started when I first time met with Dr. Fatema Jawad, Editor-in-Chief of JPMA and Shaukat Ali Jawed, Chief Editor of Pulse International during a workshop on medical writing at Shifa college of Medicine in Islamabad a couple of years ago. There was a very healthy discussion about the problems faced by medical journals and importance of medical writing among doctors and scientists in Pakistan. One of the problems identified and agreed upon by all of us during that meeting was the acute shortage of good reviewers for the medical journals and lack of interest of the existing reviewers during the review process of the submitted articles for publication which effects the quality of articles published in that medical journal and ultimately leads to improving the impact factor (IF) of a Journal which is one of the tools to measure quality of the published articles in Journals.
Regular training workshops for authors, manuscript reviewers and editors of Journals certainly help in improving the quality of articles published. In this context, regulatory authorities like Pakistan Medical & Dental Council, College of Physicians and Surgeons of Pakistan and Pakistan Medical Association should play an active role to raise the standard of medical journalism in order to meet international levels and develop journal s of high impact factor from Pakistan.
Reviewer\'s of articles generally do not take it serious, do not acknowledge receiving the articles for review, do not send the reviewed article back to the journal in specified time and generally do not spend enough time to critically review the articles.
I gave a copy of my CV to Dr. Fatema Jawad and since that day, I am actively involved in reviewing process of the JPMA. To-date, my relationship with JPMA has been very good. The articles sent to me for review are all acknowledged and sent back to the Journal within four weeks. The Editor-in-Chied has always been gracious to acknowledge my contribution as a reviewer in a letter of thanks the very next day.
I congratulate the Editorial Board of JPMA on the 60th. Birthday of this prestigious medical Journal and their continuous efforts to make it the "Best Medical Journal" in Pakistan.



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