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Prof Nusrat H.Khan - Department of Gynaecology & Obstetrics, Dow University of Health Sciences, Karachi.

March, 2010

My introduction to JPMA dates back to 1982 when I joined DMC as Assistant Professor. I had recently returned from UK after having worked there. Since I was always fond of academics, I used to read well reputed and reliable JPMA then, to acclimatize myself to the kind of work being done here. I found that the amount of patient workload was tremendous and very challenging due to resource-poor setting as compared to UK. The no. of complicated cases that I was supposed to manage was overwhelming. I remember the state of horror and shock that would overcome me after managing every case of rupture uterus .Rupture Uterus became my special interest in those early days and I collected 50 such cases and decided to write a review article for JPMA.
I wrote the article keeping in mind to follow the recommended format of the well-reputed JPMA. However, at the time of submission I was anxious about the suitability for publication knowing all the time about its reputation for rigid criteria.  Late Dr. Sarwar Zuberi was then the Editor-in-chief and I received two letters from her informing me about the reviewer\'s comments and suggestions to incorporate the recommended changes. This was done to the best of my ability but probably it was still not satisfactory.
She phoned me herself and asked to see me in her office 2.00pm Saturday at PMA House. I was very nervous when I went to see her thinking my article will probably not make it where I wanted to see it. She was very encouraging and made her point simply by guiding me to make it more acceptable with minor alterations. After fulfilling the requirements I was indeed very happy to see my article in the JPMA finally.
After this personal experience, the message that I took home with me was that a lot of handwork, commitment and teamwork is involved in selection of articles, reviewing them and getting them in the JPMA  recommended format . I realized that the editorial team works in an honorary capacity and have regular meetings on a Saturday afternoon. All these efforts result in monthly, timely publication year after year.
Currently, my experience is that of a reviewer. JPMA team is now headed by Dr. Fatima Jawad who is also very committed and puts in extra efforts to maintain the standards already set by her able predecessor. The team sends the article online and a timeline is given. If the review is not received on time then constant online reminders are sent due to which one has to hurry up. At times due to other commitments one is liable to postpone the review but the constant reminders make sure that the reviewer does not unduly delay the review. JPMA has a tracking system in place which helps in working on /near schedule. Undue delays are minimized this way.
I congratulate all in the Editorial team .Under the able leadership and guidance of Dr. Fatema Jawad JPMA continues to maintain the high standards and reliability by timely and regular publication. I am proud to be part of the team.



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