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May 1995, Volume 45, Issue 5

Letter to the Editor

Lansoprazole - A New Proton Pump Inhibitor

Madam, Lansoprazole is a substituted benzimidazoles H+K+ATPase proton pump inhibitor of the parietal cell which is a recently introduced1 potent antisecretory drug. To evaluate the efficacy of Lansoprazole in the healing of duodenal ulcer, sixteen endoscopically confirmed cases of duodenal ulcer of either sex between 15-75 years of age were included in the study. Pregnant and lactating mothers, patients with malig­nancy, hepatic, cardiac, renal or pulmonary disease and those who had undergone G. I. surgery except for simple closure of perforation were excluded. Patients taking NSAJDs, an­ticholenergics and steroids wer also excluded. Patients were given 30 mg lansoprazole/day after breakfastfor 14 days. Endoscopy was repeated after 14±2days to check ulcer healing. Those who did not heal were further treated for2 weeks and procedure repeated at 28±2 days. Of 16 cases enrolled, 15 completed the study according to protocol and one was lost to follow-up. Ages of patients ranged from 20-70 years, eleven were males, four females. Six were smokers, three tobacco and four betal nut chewers. Of 15 cases treated, 14 (93%) healed at two weeks and all at four weeks. All became asymptomatic within one week. The drug was well tolerated in this short term clinical trial and no adverse effects were noted except for one who developed diarrhoea. Present study has shown a prompt symptomatic relief with 30 mg lansoprazole and the healing rates are similar to those reported earlier1,2. These results are comparable to the healing rates with omeprazole both at 2 and 4 weeks3.


Financial support of Lederle is gratefully acknowledged.
Waquaruddin Ahmed, Anwer Ali, Ziauddin Shamsi*, Huma Qureshi and Sarwar J.Zuberi
PMRC Research Centre, Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Centre, Ziauddin Hospital and Postgraduate Institute*, Karachi.


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3. Ahmed, W,, Qureshi, H., Zuberi, S.J., et a!. Omeprazole vs ranitidine in the healing ofduodenal ulcer. J.Pak.Med.Assoc., 1993;43: 111-12.

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