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September 1995, Volume 45, Issue 9

Letter to the Editor

Immunofluorescent Titers in H. Pylon

Madam, Sera of 20 healthy subjects and 40 patients with dyspepsia were tested for H. pylon antibodies using im­munofluorescent technique. Antigen was prepared from the local strain of H. pylon obtained from antral biopsy cultures. Antigen was placed on the wells of immunofluorescent slides, air dried and fixed. Doubling dilution of sera were made and indirect im­munofluorescene was run using anti Human IgG fluorescein labelled conjugate. Leitz Wetzlar fluorescent microscope was used to read results and

figure shows fluorescing spiral shaped H. pylon at magnification of X10. All sera were positive for M. pylon antibodies but titres were low in controls (Table).

In 40 symptomatic patients the titres were >1:4096. Immunofluorescent test is very sensitive and can be used for screening of symptomatic patients with H. pylori infection.

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