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May 1993, Volume 43, Issue 5



Glaxo is to establish a £ 10 million, five year international research programme to find better treatments for TB. Discussions with academic institutions in the UK and overseas are well advanced and will lead to a collaborative research effort later this year. The underlying aim of this research will be to bring the power of modern molecular biology to bear on the disease. Although the availability of anti-TB drugs and vaccines had led many to believe TB was under control, it is now considered to be a major health risk in industrialised nations as well as the third world. The Glaxo TB initiative will comprise a highly focused industry/academia collaboration that will attempt to discover novel targets for drugs. Key areas of study will be the genetics, molecular biology and biochemistry of the enzymes involved in bacterial cell wall synthesis and, particularly, the mechanism of drug resistance. The possibilities for better vaccines will also be explored. G laxo will use information from this basic research to discover novel TB antibiotics or vaccines.

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