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January 1989, Volume 39, Issue 1

Letter to the Editor



Acute tenderness over the insertion of stylohyoid ligament at the lesser cornu of hyoid bone was named by Shenoi1 as stylohyoid syn­drome. The pain radiates from the neck to throat or vice versa, or may present as dysphagia. The patient, therefore, seeks consultation from general physicians, ENT specialists, physiotherapists, psy­chiatrists and many more with very little fruitful results. Local infiltration of methylpredmsolone (40 mg) showed encouraging results1 in these cases with complete remission. Twelve such cases, 2 males and 10 females were seen during 6 years. Their ages ranged between 15 — 60 years, with symptoms persist­ing from few days to many years. The disease was located to the left side in 8, right in 3 and bilateral in 1. All had severe pain over the neck, associated with dysphagia, which increased on phonation and swallowing. Except for tender­ness over the lesser cornu of hyoid bone, general physical examination, X-ray of the cervical verte­brae and elongated styhoid process were normal in all cases. Injection methyl prednisolone 40 mg infiltrated at the insertion of stylohyoid ligament at the lesser cornu of hyoid bone resulted in improvement in 10 cases within 5 days while the remaining 2 required a second dose. The procedure was done on outpatients basis, and followup till 3 months showed complete remission.

Abdullah Jan
E.N.T. Department, Khyber Medical College, Peshawar.


1. Shenoi, P.M. Stylohyoid Syndrome, J. Laryng. Otolo., 1972; 12:1203-1211.

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