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November 1987, Volume 37, Issue 11

Letter to the Editor


Ref. Volume 37 No. 8, August 1987.
Article: ABO and Sub-Groups of Blood Group A in the Lahore Population.
Name and address of the author was erron­eously printed as Nighat Parveen, University Town, Peshawar. The correct name and address is Nargis Parveen, physiology Department, Khyber Medical College, Peshawar.
Moreover, the following missing Acknow­ledgement should be added:-


I am indebted to Dr. Nusrat Waqar, Pro­fessor Physiology, King Edward Medical College for supervising my work. i am very grateful to Dr. Abdul Hayee Associate Professor of Hemato­logy, King Edward Medical College, Lahore and Dr. Tasleem Akhtar, Director,’of Pakistan Medical Research Council, Peshawar, for their constructive criticism and guidance.
I am also thankful to ‘Miss Mubaraka, Miss Shahnaz and Mr. Akbar Khan, for their secretarial help.

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