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February 1981, Volume 31, Issue 2

Case Reports

News and Notes

The President has appointed Dr. Basharat Jazbi, Professor of Paediatrics (Oral), Dentistry, Audiology and Speech, University of Missouri, Kansas City, USA, as Honorary Adviser to the President on Health.
Another branch of PMA is being set up at Badin (Sind). Dr. Nawaz Ali Mohammadi who is the convenor of the new branch.
Dr. Nawaz has asked PMA centre to send relevant information, constitution and bye-laws of PMA for formal setting up of the branch.
The College of Physicians and Surgeons, Pakistan has announced the result of the Fellowship (F.C.P.S. Part I and F.C.P.S. Part II) Examination of the College held in December 1980 at Karachi, Lahore and Rawalpindi Centres.
The following candidates have been declared successful:
F.C.P.S. Part I
1. Dr. Mohammad Saleem 339-Railway Colony
Inside Railway Junior Institute, Multan Cantt.
2. Dr. Masood Hameed Khan
179, CP. and Berar Society Block No. 7, 8, Karachi-5.
3. Dr. Farzana Shafqat 28-Arya Nagar, Lahore.
4. Dr. Nargis Rehman
7-C, 8th East Street Phase 1, Defence Housing Society, Karachi.
5. Dr. Kashyap Narsingh Shakya, 12/115, Thania Tol Laliptur, Kathmandu, Nepal.
6. Dr. Mohammad Younus
3rd Floor, Amin Brothers Manzil, Young Husband Road, Kharadar, Karachi.
7. Dr. Farzana Hussain
38-E, Block 6, P.E.C.H. Society, Karachi.
8. Dr. Miss Fouzia Rishi
173-U, Block No. 2, P.E.C.H. Society, Karachi.
9. Dr. Naheed Sualeh
C-167, Block 6, Federal \'B\' Area, Karachi.
10. Dr.Zahid Yaseen Hashmi
Vill: Jia Musa, Hashmi Manzil, Mohalla Qureshian P.O. Shahdara, Lahore.
11. Dr. Mohammad Arshad Cheema, 57-Tipu Block New Garden Town, Lahore.
12. Dr. Mohammad Saleem 12-Jhal Road, Sahiwal.
13. Dr. Muhammad Abdul Zahid,
19, Quaid-i-Azam Market, Wah Cantt.
14. Dr. Tahir Ahmed
C/o Noor Elahi Mian Banker,
Sanda Road, Near Toka Neela, Lahore.
15. Dr. Fazal ur Rehman
House No. 358, Street No. 2, Masjid Bazar, Jaranwala, Dist. Faisalabad.
16. Dr. Ishtiaq Ahmed Qureshi
Vill. and P.O. Jabbar Minana
Teh. and Dist. Rawalpindi.
17. Maj Mrs. Akhtar Firdous
Chak No. 7/11-L, Distt. Sahiwal.
18. Dr. Shaheen Mufti Al-Shaheen, Mufti-Abad Mansehra, Hazara, NWFP.
19. Dr. Zahid Latif
204-A, New Muslim Town, Lahore.
F.C.P.S. Part II
1. Dr. Shabeer Hussain
D-24, Block \'L\' North Nazimabad,
Karachi-33. (Medicine).
2. Dr. Masood Ahmad Qureshi,
Qureshi Manzil, Near Neelum Cinema,
Muzaffarabad (Azad Kashmir).(Medicine).
3. Dr. Salah ud din
P.O. Shakardarra,
Teh. and Dist. Kohat (Medicine).
4. Dr. Ghulam Ali Memon
Bungalow No. 22, Amil Colony,
Hyderabad, Sind.  (Surgery).
5. Dr. Fayyaz Mahmood
79-Panjpir Road, Near P.S. Misri Shah,
Lahore. (Ophthalmology)
6. Dr. Tahseen un Nabi Sahi
Vill. 225/R.B. Distt. Faisalabad.

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