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May 1981, Volume 31, Issue 5

News and Notes


The six Bienniel Conference of Pakistan Paediatric Association will be held at Karachi (Pakistan) from February 2-5, 1982.
On the occasion of The Second Anniversary Of The Islamic Revolution and political eman­cipation in Iran, Isfahan University (Iran) have been pleased to hold The First International Essay Competition for wellknown writers, politicians, college professors, and students throughout the world.
The candidates are free to express any views they desire. The topics would be:
-Iranian Islamic Revolution from my viewpoint.
-The impact of The Iranian Revolution on the other Muslim States of the region.
-How far The Iranian Islamic Revolution carries the social message of religion.
-Iranian Islamic Revolution is the compact of the Mosque and University.
The first prize award for this competition would be an Iran tour by air, or one thousand dollars in cash, second $700 and third $500.
-The essay should not exceed 3000 words, it should be typed double space on one side of the paper.
-The language should be English.
-It should reach the Director of International Education Relations Department, University of Isfahan, Isfahan, Iran before or on 30th Tune 1981.
Volume I of a new two volume Medical Laboratory Manual for Tropical Countries has just been published. It covers the work of regional hospital laboratories and essential tests for health centres.
Volume I contains:
-An introduction to the laboratory which includes chapters on safety, ordering, use and care of equipment, microscopy, use of SI units, and setting up a health centre laboratory.
-An anatomy and physiology section with explanations of commonly used clinical terms.
-A clearly presented parasitology section, with emphasis on laboratory diagnosis.
-A clinical chemistry section including chapters on the organization of a biochemistry department, absorption spectrometry (colori-metry), flame emission spectrometry (photometry), collection of specimens, quality control, reference ranges and tests to investigate renal function, liver, gastrointestinal, and other metabolic disorders.
-Detailed preparation of reagents, addresses of manufacturers, and useful tables.
The manual is protected by a plastic cover and pocket in the back of the book contains illustrations and charts in black and white and colour for wall display, SI unit conversion tables, and a sheet of biohazard labels to mark dangerous chemicals.
To facilitate the preparation of local health centre manuals, modern computer methods have been used to produce the manual so that parts of it can be retrieved and reprinted at low cost.
The project has been undertaken on a non-profit basis with a special low price of f4.70 per book (plus £1.25 postage) to developing countries. The book is available to other countries at the cost price of £7.40 (plus £1.75 postage.)

Journal of the Pakistan Medical Association has agreed to receive and publish manuscripts in accordance with the principles of the following committees: