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December 2021, Volume 71, Issue 12


Improving Paediatric Neurological Care in Pakistan

Tipu Sultan  , Mohammad Wasay

Neurological disorders in children represent a significant portion of global burden of diseases, mortality, and disability.1 Burden of neurological diseases in children have reduced over the last few decades in developed countries, however, remains high in developing countries due to high incidence of prematurity, asphyxia, neonatal infectious, consanguinity leading to many metabolic / degenerative disorders and lastly infections of central nervous system.2

Covibesity — transitional pandemic

Qudsia Anjum

The year 2020, as it signifies its numerical value, brought forward a turning point in history of the world. The newborn virus "Covid-19", as the name depicts arose on the ground at the end of year 2019. However, it's devastating consequences came into limelight as the world stepped into 2020, and the first quarter ended with worldwide thought provoking incidents.1 Whole community was brought to stand still, new terms emerged, "lock down", "smart lock down", "social distancing", "web meeting", "online learning", and so on.



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